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Student Alert Center:

  • I’m ready to apply; where do I begin?
    When you’re ready to apply, simply fill out the online application for admission at We make our application free, however if you are blessed to donate your application fee, you can do so at
  • I am interested in attending Queens College of Theology, but do not know where to start. Can I speak to or meet with someone concerning my admission?"
    Yes! For any questions or concerns about enrollment, please contact the admissions office: or fill out the form at
  • How do I go about submitting high school/prior college transcripts? Does Queens College of Theology request them or do I?
    The student is responsible for providing Queens College of Theology with all prior academic transcripts, both high school, and college. To request any transcripts, students should contact the high school or college in question to discuss the requesting methods honored at that particular institution. We are able to accept transcripts through, e-mail, by fax at (704) 810-4878, or mail to Queens College of Theology Att: Registar 933 Louise Avenue Suite 497 Charlotte, NC 28204
  • What programs and majors are offered
    Currently QCT offers: Undergraduate: Bachelor of Ministry Bachelor of Ministry in Christian Counseling Bachelor of Theology Bachelor of Religious Education Graduate: Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling Master of Divinity Master of Ministry Doctor of Philosophy in Pyschology-Theology Doctor of Theology
  • Do Queens College of Theology classes transfer to four-year colleges and universities?
    All course transfers to other institutions are at the discretion of the receiving instituion. Currently Queens College of Theology is not accredited by the Department of Education and the receiving institution will have to make their own determination on credit transfers.
  • Does QCT accept transfer credits from other colleges?
    Our admissions team can perform a transcript evaluation to make credit transfer determinations. Only official transcripts will be evaluted for credit transfer.
  • How do I send QCT my transcript?
    Official transcripts must be sent by the sending institution to the following address: Queens College of Theology Att: Registrar 933 Louise Avenue Suite 497 Charlotte, NC 28204 Or by e-mail to Or by fax to (704) 810-4847 (Make sure the appropraite cover letter is attached to identify the transcript with the appropriate student)
  • Do I have to move to North Carolina to go to Queens College of Theology?
    Queens College of Theology offers online courses. Since our religious seminary is not accredited by the Department of Education, we are not eligible for NC-SARA membership.
  • What is self-paced?
    In the student portal, students can enter registered courses whenever they want and complete the assignments. There are no deadlines to complete the assignments.
  • What am I required to do in a course?
    Students will process information through critical analysis, cognitive ordering, and application in an integrated, effective, and confluent fashion through written units. A few courses will require students to take exams, and have other assignment modules.
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