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Chaplain Dean Wallace
Chaplain Dean Wallace

Hi, my name is Dean Wallace. Currently live in Canton, Ohio. I am originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. Lived in North Carolina for 36 years, been living now in Ohio for 6 years. I’m a member of the Civil Air Patrol, the official auxiliary of the United States Air Force. I’ve been serving with the Civil Air Patrol for 14 years. I’m an Major with the Civil Air Patrol as well as an Character Development Instructor to the Chaplain Corps. I also serve with the Commemorative Air Force, Buckeye Wing here in Ohio as the Senior Chaplain in the commissioned rank of colonel. I am licensed, ordained, and commissioned by the Christian Leaders Alliance. My goal is to obtain my master’s and my doctorate degree from Queens College of Theology. I’m currently medically disable, so I only volunteer right now with the Civil Air Patrol and Commemorative Air Force. My mother and father, as well as both my grandparents are deceased. My mother was a nurse at Presbyterian Hospital for 25 years. She was a graduate of Queens College of Nursing. My father was a firefighter for many years as well as worked in dietary at Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte, NC. I, myself have worked in fire and rescue and hold certification as an multi-skilled healthcare technician. I’m also a certified grief counselor through Queens College of Theology. It is a pleaseure to be among you all and I look forward to a fruitful relationship as we grow in God’s word. May God bless each one of us.

Stephen Jehucal Ternyik


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