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BS504 Students - Read 2 Kings 18-19. During the Sennacherib invasion, King Hezekiah asked the Lord to deliver him and his people. Why do you think God acted on King Hezekiah’s behalf? How might God deliver modern believers who face insurmountable enemies?

Provide a SUBSTANTIAL response to this post and one students comment.

Mark Lacey
Jul 05

I believe that God acted on King Hezekiah's behalf because it was in God's planning and perfect divine holy will. Also, because King Hezekiah dud what was right right in the eyes of the LORD.

There are many ways that God might deliver modern believers who face insurmountable enemies. He can work through people, situations. He can change people's minds and actions.

God caused the Red Sea to open up. In modern situations God can still do this, but in most cases He may not.



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