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Calvin Thomas
Calvin Thomas

Good evening to all, my name is Calvin Thomas it a pleasure and a privilege for me to be studying with you all. I am looking forward to chatting with you for time to time. I presently enrolled in the master's of ministry class, I am a believer that iron does sharpen iron. I am looking forward to seeing just where God's word taken.

I have beed blessed to married to the same gorgeous woman for thirty-five years we been blessed raise 6 children who all have families of their own. God has a sense of humor he had us start over now my youngest is 11year old.

Together we pastored a small ministry in rural Alabama for close to 8 years. God moved us from there to my home church where we have been assisting and serving God's people and my pastor to this present day.

I also served as Senior Chaplain at the largest immigration detention center until my retirement in 2019.

Mia Blakely-Brown


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