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Salutations. I am excited for majoring in Pastoral Leadership at Queen's Theological College. I didn't begin my path of leadership and spiritual discovery when I joined this outstanding organization. I began it when I was a teenager and joined a Gideons International group that distributed Bibles—God's word—to all people. This experience was hard and enlightening, and it prepared me for my next missionary group adventure. As a result, I received invitations to attend other services at few church denominations. Throughout these pursuits, peoples came first to mind. This mindset made me want to help people in any way I could because I believe in what God has to say is always true and that it always has a positive impact on people's lives regarding change. His words hold equal significance for both readers and non-readers since His words have been sealed in everyone's hearts. My objectives in this leadership development course are to learn the fundamentals of effective leadership, how to inspire my community, support their development, and tend to their needs all while creating a stronger body of Christ.

All of us, in our many roles and activities, are essential to the integrity and healthy functioning of the body of Christ. For the benefit of the community and God's will, I think each person has unique talents. The message here is that each person is special and has a purpose, and that each person needs to work together to further the church's mission and the common good.

In any case, my family and I, "Samy," migrated to the State 30 years ago and moved to South Carolina after living in different States these past years. I have six (6) children with my wife. In addition to working with the Army, my first son is a 1LT. In my local church, I hold the positions of elder and assistant pastor. I try to give back to my community as much as I can by teaching newly arrived refugees English as a second language.

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