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Good day, my name is Miriam, and I am from the United Staes of America and also live in Queens New York. I am an Evangelist, youth leader, church secretary, Praise and Worship leader for over twenty years. My church has closed due to covid; however, some members connect through a chat in which The Lord directed me to begin during that period connecting our members of Worldwide Evangelical Outreach Inc. and our daughter church Alleluia Deliverance Healing Ministries in which I also fellowship with from time to time.

I am a mother of six one of which is an angel, he died due to a rip current at a family reunion, and that is when I had another revelation of how good God is as his body was recovered immediately. That was a blessing because many big people have gotten lost, and their body isn't recovered. God blessed my family.

I joined this course because I have a calling on my life and it's in alignment to my divine assignment.

I am elated to be in all of your presence and wish us all well in this journey in Jesus matchless name amen.

Daran Porter
Michele Vaughn
4 days ago

I'm so sorry for the loss of your angel but rejoice with you that he is with Jesus. Best wishes in your educational journey.



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