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Hello everyone.!

I am Shimon Joshua, a devoted member of the Malawi Assemblies of God, rooted in a journey of theological exploration and service. Originating from Malawi, I find purpose in spreading the message of love and faith, guided by the rich teachings of my faith tradition. My ministry is deeply intertwined with my personal life, as I am blessed with a loving wife and three children who inspire and support me every step of the way. In my theological academia journey, my goal is to deepen my understanding of theology, biblical interpretation, and pastoral care, aiming to contribute meaningfully to theological discourse while nurturing spiritual growth within my community and ministry. This journey is not just about academic pursuits but also about personal and spiritual enrichment, aligning my goals with God's calling to serve others with compassion and excellence. My contacts information; +265 884452827 email;

Yahshitaba Yahawashi


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