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Good evening, everyone. I am Brett Decker in Ohio. I spent 25 years on the east coast and overseas (primarily Hong Kong), mostly working in journalism. I moved to the Midwest six years ago to be closer to my mother, who is in the later stages of dementia. In that time, I have been working as a business professor at a small college about to celebrate its 175th anniversary. A few years ago, students asked me to lead the Bible study group they were starting. It has been an eclectic selection of individuals all from different denominational backgrounds. I have found this very invigorating but need to sharpen my own knowledge of scripture to better guide these eager young people -- which has brought me here. I am very excited for this program and grateful to QCT for such an accessible format. I look forward to learning with and from many of you in this community, particularly about how you help bring the light of faith to others in a world that often can seem covered by darkness.

Joseph Carroll
Stephen Jehucal Ternyik
Paul Cornell, Jr.


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