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Albry Lockhart
Albry Lockhart

Hi Everyone,

My name is Albry Lockhart and I am from Chattanooga Tennessee. I currently "Serve as Assistant Pastor and Minister of Youth and Young Adults" at Beech Creek Missionary Baptist Church in Nashville TN. I am married and have 5 children and My goals pertaining to my academic journey is to become a Pastor, Author and a Leading voice pertaining to religious unity. I finished undergrad at American Baptist College with a Bachelors of Arts in Bible and theology with a concetration in Pastoral Counseling and Care. I also recieved a Master of Ministry in Pastoral Leadership form Queens College. I am a member of the "Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity", and The "Interdenominational Ministers Fellowship".

My dreams and aspirations revolve around my experience and my religious upbringing. My father is a minister in the nation of islam, and my mother is a christian and as a result I am passionate about God, Unity and Love. in the early part of my ministry, I spent alot of time, studying, and learning how to reconcile my faith pertaining to the different faiths of my parents. I am a follower of Jesus, and I am very passionate about his teachings, his life, and his mandate to Love.

Stephen Jehucal Ternyik


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