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Praise the Lord and Happy Sabbath.To God be the glory for His amazing Grace and the salvation He has provided to me through faith in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is an extreme blessing to be used by God to service Him in addressing issues in the community and the world.

I thank God for the spiritual gift I use frequently in building on the ministry I am to carryout. Moreover, providing me with the opportunity to higher education in theological training free of charge from Queens College of Theology. Gratefully, having achieved a Master of Ministry in Pastoral Leadership, with the current pursuit of their free Doctorate of Ministry and Ph.D. Program in Biblical Studies.

It is utterly convenient for me as I am currently engaged in ministry as an Evangelist and Pastor here in East Harlem New York. I look forward to completing at least 2 to 3 lessons a module each week. And to my fellow students and believers, let us keep the faith and endeavor toward winning the race as the Apostle Paul did. Let's put up a good fight for our souls, snatching those out of the fire that the devil seek to devour.

Sam Shavers
Yahshitaba Yahawashi


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