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Greetings y'all. I'm retired from being in IT, but my alternate life was studying God. Eventhough I accepted Christ in 1959, it was many years (almost 50) before I accepted Christ as Lord of my life.  During those 50 years I was a carnal Christian.  But God, through his patience and grace, kept me from stumbling.  He sent me to different denominations to show me the differences and also the similarities – Baptist (American, General Conference, and Southern), Presbyterian, and Assembly of God.  He sent a blessed wife to me who also is a Christian.  Together, she and I, have instituted a home church in our home and even though it is only the two of us now, we expect it to grow – especially with the current political climate in America.   God sent various teachers into my life to keep my faith growing and vital – Hal Lindsay, Dr. Gene Scott, Chuck Missler, Chuck Smith, Melissa Scott, Tom Horn, etc.   I attended Logos Divinity School, studying for a Master’s in Biblical Studies. I have also studied at TGSAT and have now completed my studies for the ThD degree.

I want to pursue this course of study to become a better teacher in the Word of God.


Sam Shavers
Stephen House


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