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Greetings, my brothers and sisters of God’s inspirational grace; meeting and greeting each of you is a pleasure. I am Joseph, and I am truly enjoying the inspirational enlightenment from the Master of Ministry. I served twenty-six years in the United States Army as an officer and commander and saw the world during my faithful and dedicated years of service. I served in special operations with the worldwide rapid deployment force. While in the military, I served as a Eucharist Minister through the office of the Bishop of the Armed Forces on the weekends as an additional duty to the troops and their family members. One of my main activities now is to help veterans and get them to the veteran's hospital for treatment, which some know nothing about. I am also a poet. I find poetry soothing to the mind, body, and soul. The Bible is the best poetry book, and I love to write spiritual poems. Many love my tenth inspirational poetry book, “Sincerely Speaking Spiritually.” It is currently being transcribed in Spanish for worldwide humanity to read based on requests from the Spanish Diaspora. It is a great pleasure meeting each of you. Please always have a great day, and God’s richest grace and blessings to you, your loved ones, endeavors, and family members!

Yours in Christ,


Shaundrelle Green

Hi Joseph, I must say I was greeted by your opening words with a sense of refreshment and beauty. You are indeed a poet! :) I am grateful for the work you have done within the armed forces, and that you are called to do with veterans. There is so much healing needed there. I pray you will find exactly the support and resources you need to support the development of your character, presence, and skills so that you can be a blessing to so many who have experienced and continue to undergo the challenges of PTSD. Bringing spiritual growth together with trauma recovery is part of my calling and ministry, and I'd be happy to discuss your learning and possible resources of support. Feel free to reach out anytime. Thank you and bless your Master of Ministry journey. Great to be here with you, Christopher



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