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Hello everyone and God Bless!

I cannot wait to begin my journey with everyone here! I wanted to ask a coupe of questions about the journey if anyone wouldnt mind answer that would be fantastic and I would be very grateful.

  1. Is there a dissertation option here, or only capstone?

  2. Is the program seeking ATS or ACBH certification?

Thanks everyone and have a great day!

Hi Nicholas!

There is only a capstone. The board may require a dissertation for this program at a later time, once we can determine how to better implement academic research courses in this self-paced model. The problem with a PhD dissertation program is that it generally is directly supervised by faculty, and these programs are designed without that.

We are not currently seeking ATS or ACBH accreditation. While it is something we are not against, we don't have the operating funds for it. If we ever find a donor that can help fund this endeavor, and the salary for a Compliance Officer, we would do it in a heart beat! Hopefully it something in our roadmap for the future, but for now it is sadly not.



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