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Dr. Shineth Cunanan- Gonzales
Dr. Shineth Cunanan- Gonzales

I have two profiles here. I’m unsure what happened.

Greetings to all,

Allow me to introduce myself – I am Shineth, a teacher by profession and an ordained minister by calling. My faith as a devoted Catholic has been a guiding light in my journey, leading me to establish a women's Bible group just last year. The desire to serve my community and spread the teachings of the Gospel has ignited within me a dream to become a pastor, while my husband envisions a food ministry in Asia to nourish both bodies and souls.

Embarking on the path of knowledge and enlightenment, I am humbled to be a part of the Ph.D. program here, a journey that promises growth, challenges, and transformation. Colorado, with its majestic landscapes and vibrant community, has become my home, a place where connections are made, friendships flourish, and dreams take flight.

May our paths cross, our stories intertwine, and our hearts resonate with the joy of shared experiences. Together, let us embrace the beauty of diversity, the power of faith, and the endless possibilities that await us on this remarkable journey.

Sol Thomas
Stephen Jehucal Ternyik


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