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BS506 Students: How does the book of Joshua help you know Jesus better? Are there any aspects of His ministry or His kingdom that you appreciate more now, after studying the lesson? Explain your answer. Respond to this post, and provide a substantial response to another students.

Stephen Jehucal Ternyik

Joshua is certainly an archetype of Jesus. Joshua is the successor of Moses, who was supposed to represent God Himself if not for his fear of public speaking and deference to Aaron as his mouthpiece. But that aside, Joshua is the One sent to conquer the promised land with all Israel and Yahawah's approval behind him. While Joshua had the might of Israel's army, Jesus had the might of His Father's army, the angelic host as He made Peter aware when he cut off the Roman soldier's ear (Matthew 26:53).

Similar to Joshua, who God hearkened to in stopping the moon and the sun, Jesus was heard by The Father many times in the working of wonders such as in the raising of Lazarus. Knowing that Jesus is the exact representation of God's very being, through Joshua we see a Warrior-God who hates evil and loves righteousness so much He's willing to fight for it. While He is full of grace and mercy towards sinners manifested in the time given for them to repent, He doesn't want this sin to infect others and must take the necessary steps to stop it, even if it means death for the sinners causing the corruption, a common motif seen in Jesus's life. He was constantly correcting and scolding the Pharisees and Jewish rulers of his day for their hypocritical religion, while showing mercy and grace towards repentant sinners. Just as in The Old Testament, He was stern while being full of grace and truth.

While we are under grace in this time we are living in, a time is coming and is near when God's grace toward an unrepentant people will run out and destruction will be the only solution.

Glory be to God, He has called us into His marvelous light and away from the darkness that is in the world! I love how God is both justice and grace, and how His grace is actually infused with justice, for it took killing His Son on the cross to be able to give it justly.



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