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Hello and blessings! I am a former tech support rep and college dropout who became chronically ill and disabled (Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis). While trying to process everything, I jumped on an opportunity to attend an online college where I could get my Bachelor's in Christian Leadership/ Business.

Because God had even more in store, I slowly began work as a freelance software tester, ESL tutor, and entrepreneur. With God's will, this is morphing into a career as a multi-lingual automation engineer & testing specialist, remote virtual assistant, entrepreneur, and disability advocate.

I am interested in furthering my ministry education because I want to:

  1. Change how the Church approaches the inclusion of disabled and chronically ill people

  2. Increase opportunities for creative, lifelong education that maximizes human capital in God's Creation

  3. Assist the Church in providing discernment, administration, and leadership in the face of constantly evolving technology

Sam Shavers
Allan Apdua
Stephen House
Stephen House
Jul 03

Welcome Charles. We've had similar pasts in that I also was in a tech position. I'm disabled with Parkinson's but like you that doesn't stop me. Together with God we'll succeed. And hopefully we'll become friends.



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