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Greetings, my name is Michele and I have taught in Christian schools for most of my 34-year career in education. I am looking forward to deepening my knowledge of Biblical Studies as I begin the PhD program.

Miriam Gray
3 days ago

Michele, greetings, my sister of God’s inspirational grace. I pray all is well, and it’s great to know you. Your words are uplifting and vibrant to the mind, body, and soul. It’s a pleasure to hear from you. Please keep up the great work you’re doing. You’re at the right place to learn. I am very proud of you. May God’s richest grace and blessings, which surpass all understanding, always rest and abide with you, your loved ones, endeavors, and family members!

Sincerely yours,

USA Goodwill Ambassador (appointed by USA 42nd President William Jefferson Clinton), Joseph S. Spence Sr. (Epulaeryu Master)!

Gefällt mir


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