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Michael Smith Accepted into QCT Doctoral Program

(Charlotte, NC) - Michael A.D. Smith, of Albuquerque, NM has been accepted into the Queens College of Theology doctoral program to pursue a Doctor of Theology.

Michael A.D. Smith, Actor-Producer-Filmmaker & Community Chaplain, hails from the beautiful island country of Jamaica. After arriving in the United States at an early age, he spent his formative years in Norwalk, Connecticut, where his call to ministry was realized and affirmed by the church leadership at the age of 12.

In addition to serving as a Community Chaplain, Michael is a Professional Actor, Filmmaker and EP/Producer. He began his new journey into the Film & Television Industry in January 2017. With a small speaking role in the 2018 Matthew McConaughey film, “White Boy Rick”. Michael is now pursuing professional acting and is currently working on screenwriting and producing a Short Film and Documentary.

Michael Smith is President/CEO, and Head of Development at A Cross Town Productions, LLC, a film and television production company based in New Mexico. He also serves as President & Executive Director of the Below The Line Training Academy, Inc., a 501(c)3 adult-learning stagecraft training facility that empowers Black, Indigenous and other People of Color (BIPOC) in the New Mexico film market to seek careers in the Film/TV Industry.

With more than 27 years of leadership experience across several workforce sectors, Michael has honed a set of specific skills that lend themselves to networking, collaboration, human resource management, community activism, civil rights, nonprofit leadership and team-building. These are the skills that Queens College of Theology looks for in their doctoral candidates, and are excited for the academic contribution Michael will bring to this institution.

Michael Smith was attracted to Queens College of Theology because of the intersection between quality and affordability. Smith says "With an outstanding Chancellor, staff and faculty who are all led by the Holy Spirit, I've found a place that will help me achieve my lifelong goal of continued ministry excellence, becoming a scholar-practitioner and building a wonderful network of alumni within the QCT family. I believe QCT will stand head & shoulder above many of the sister seminaries across this nation as a beacon of hope, quality ministry training and well credentialed church leaders."

For more information about Queens College of Theology, e-mail or call our front desk at 704-710-6865.

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