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Referral Program Agreement

The undersigned (hereianfter called "Referral Partner", "You", "Your", and "Alumnus") and Queens Collegeof Theology (hereinafter called "College", "We", "Us", and "Our") agree to the following terms and conditions. 

The referral partner shall periodically refer students to the college for its consideration as authorized and enrolled. The term "for its consideration" shall mean that such referrals should be considered for acceptance or rejection and that student has paid for any fee, tuition or services related to that enrollment and the referral partner have no right to bind, alter, or cancel such prospective student for enrollment. 

The referral partner understands that this program agreement may change at the discretion of the College and it is the responsibily of the alumnus to check the referral program web page to see the active terms in which they agree to. The college is not obligated to notify referral partner of term changes. 

The referral partner, if eligible, shall receive a monetary commission that is outlined on the referral program web page when a referred student, that is enrolled into Queens College of Theology, uses the referral partners' exclusive discount code at the checkout portion for a related fee for educational services offered by the College. 

For a referral partner to be eligible for commission, they must reside within the United States of America and complete an annual W-9 Form, which such form shall be e-mailed for submission to the referral partner from our banking institution Relay Financial. It will be the referral partners responsibility to report to the College of any changes in address and relative contact information. Lack of accurate information on file will result in the suspension of incentives and commission. 

Any incentive or commission, as outlined on the referral program web page, will be paid within 10 business days via ACH direct deposit or 30 business days through mailed check. The college is not responsible if a check is lost, and does not re-issue the funds upon request. 

The referral partner understands that they are an independent contractor, and not an employee of the College. 

In the event of a disagreement, both the referral partner and the college agree to enter into arbitration, in Mecklenburg County, at an arbitrator of the College's choosing, with all legal costs associated with the arbitration started by the initiating party of the dispute. 

Either party may terminate this agreement at any time, without liability with written or electronic notice. Upon termination of this agreement, we will deactive the referral partner code and settle all outstanding commissions owned within 30 business days. 

The referral partner agree to electronically sign and acknowledge their understanding of these terms on the Referral Program Application and understand once signed, it is binding between the referral partner and Queens College of Theology. 

Incentives/Commission Payouts

PhD in Biblical Studies

Your code unlocks $100 off for the capstone fee for the referred student.
Once the remaining portion is paid you will be sent $50. 

Dissertation Discount

Your code will unlock $300 a discount for the second dissertation phase, and you will receive $100. 

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