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Most individuals in ministry work full-time jobs, execute their ministry full time and still try to squeeze in time for their own life fulfillment. For those who wear all the hats, this institution is here to help you earn the respected credentials you deserve. We offer self-paced, affordable seminary education with the goal of training our future Christian leaders to spread the Gospel and position their ministry to be welcoming for all.


Prestigious education shouldn't come at an unreasonable cost. Through our charitable corporate partners and local church donations, we are able to keep our tuition costs low. Generally, total tuition costs are less than $3,000. 


Regardless of your denomination, and regardless of your location, we ensure Queens College is open for you. All of our programs are classified as distant learning; asynchronous. This way you can learn on your schedule and convenience. 


You shouldn't be penalized for your excellence in comprehension. You move through your degree program at your speed. You can go as slow, or as fast as you choose within your given semester.



All of our programs are offered online. In the event we wish to expand to in-person learning, we do have access to a large classroom located Advent building in Charlotte, North Carolina. This location is only used to process mail. 

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