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Tuition & Fees


Undergrad Programs

Graduate Programs

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A core pillar to the foundation of this institution is that all programs of studies are affordable, accessible, and accelerated. With that, we have developed a flat-rate tuition schedule to ensure transparency and to keep the total cost of attendance at its lowest rate possible. 

Flexible Payment Planning

Cost of Attendance '23

Revised 10/12/22


Program of Study:

Undergraduate - $1,200 Total ($30 per course) 

Recommended Tuition/Fee Course Schedule:



Graduate - $1,400 ($70 per course) 

Recommended Tuition/Fee Course Schedule: 



Application: $20.00 
Payment Processing: 5%

Re-Evaluation/Re-Admission: $40

Thesis/Dissertation Committee Review: $100

Transcripts per digital copy: $20

Transcripts per printed copy: $45

Diploma replacement: $45

Payment Failure: $30 fee per occurrence

Technology Fee: $30 per Semester


1. Students are to prepay for each semester's tuition and are not obligated to follow the recommended tuition/course schedule provided by the College. 

2. Students are to prepay each semester's technology fee. 

3. Student refund policy is as follows: Within the first two weeks of the semester, the student is eligible for a 100% tuition refund. This does not apply to the technology fee or card processing fees. After two weeks, the student will not be eligible for any refund. If the student is added mid-semester, the student is only eligible for a refund after 7 days from the date they were registered. 

*Please note that required books are not included in the cost of the program unless the program explicitly states so.

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