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Online Ordination Program

Becoming Ordained

Seminary Trained Ministers

The Commission is focused on providing ministers with a non-denominational ordination. With our instrument of ordination certificate, our Ministers will be qualified to carry out marriages, baptisms, funerals, chaplaincy, and other official Christian minister duties and ceremonies. You will carry the respected name that Queens College of Theology offers. 

Our ministers are held to a high standard, continuously seeking growth and learning opportunity to better serve their communities. 

Each licensed minister pays monthly dues, as well as enrolls in annual continuing education courses to keep their license in good standing. 

Steps to Become Ordained

1. Review our Licensed Minister Handbook. 
2. Pay your ordination monthly dues. 
3. Review additional training materials within the Ordination Group Portal. 

4. Order your instrument of ordination. 

Licensed Minister Requirements

Queens College of Theology requires that all ministers either be seminary trained. Most of our pastors has education credentials from a seminary or Christian institution prior to requesting licensing. If any religious leader wishes to become ordained, but does not have the proper education credentials, Queens College of Theology will offer ordination training that is included within the cost of your membership. 

Each Licensed Minister must agree to and adhere to our policies outlined in the Licensed Minister Handbook, including the code of conduct as well as take one continuing education class. 

Continuing education classes shall be no more than 60 minutes, can be taken online, and will include pastoral news, updates, and overview new policies from the Commission on Ordination.


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