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Online Ordination Program

Becoming Ordained

Seminary Education

The Commission is focused on providing ministers with a non-denominational ordination. With our instrument of ordination certificate, our Ministers will be qualified to carry out marriages, baptisms, funerals, chaplaincy, and other official Christian minister duties and ceremonies. You will carry the respected name that Queens College of Theology offers. 

The Commission on Ordination from Queens College of Theology offers authentic, seminary-trained non-denominational ordinations. 

Queens College of Theology is a seminary that is authorized to issue religious vocation degrees pursuant to a religious exemption. To read more about how the State of North Carolina has legally authorized Queens College of Theology to issue your ordination certificate, click here

To become instantly ordained online:

1. Once you have been accepted by the Commission on Ordination, a pastoral training packet will be e-mailed and your instrument of ordination certificate and letter of good standing will be mailed to your home.

2. If you wish to be ordained and listed as a minister in our database, you can do so free of charge by e-mailing ​


If you have more questions, contact Commissioner Roy Brown at 704-709-0400. 


Ready to become Ordained? 



Fill out the application below and pay the $45 processing fee to receive your Instrument of Ordination Certificate, Letter of Good Standing, Clergy Member Card, and a Seminary Education Packet

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