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Praying Hands

Our Beliefs

We believe that Queens College of Theology falls under the authority of the Bible, which declares timeless truth that is relevant today. The word is the foundation for both our understanding of God and our awareness of what He has called us to be in His world.


The gospel available for all.

Our Mission: 

We aim to supply the Church with leaders of competence, character, and spiritual maturity; holistically trained to lead lives of eternal impact by fulfilling the Lord's mission, while dedicating themselves to making the Church more inclusive for all. 

Our Purpose: 

We are a multidenominational community dedicated to the preparation of those who serve the ministries of Church and Christ. Under the authority of Scripture, we will provide a prestigious, respected credential while ensuring accessibility to our programs through affordability.  Queens College of Theology is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest academic standards as a progressive theological seminary. 

Statement of Core Values

Queens College of Theology is committed to these core values, which reflect values common to faith-based and secular philosophies:

-          Collaborative teaching and learning

-          Freedom of inquiry

-          Academic excellence

-          Intellectual curiosity

-          Critical Thinking

-          Integrity

-          Community and global engagement

-          Diversity and inclusiveness

-          Sustainability

Doctrinal Qualifications

Faculty and administration agree with, personally adhere to, and support the schools’ doctrinal statements. These distinctions identify what is believed and taught in our classes. The school recognizes that its specific theological positions do not define for the whole body of Christ, for this, we accept students from other theological traditions and denominations.

Faculty and Staff support the following positions:

-          The inspiration and authority of Scripture

-          The Trinity

-          The full deity and full humanity of Christ

-          The creation of the human race in the image of God

-          The spiritual lostness of the human race

-          The substitutionary atonement and bodily resurrection of Christ

-          Salvation by grace through faith alone in Christ alone

-          The physical return of Christ.

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