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Doctor of Philosophy
in Biblical Studies

Program Description

The Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies is a comprehensive and rigorous program designed to deepen your understanding of both the Old and New Testaments, while also equipping you with advanced research skills and theological insights. This program is tailored for individuals seeking a career in biblical research, seminary teaching, or those who aspire to elevate their pastoral sermon preparation to an expert level.

Core Components

Old Testament Studies: Deep exploration of the historical, cultural, and theological contexts of the Old Testament.


New Testament Studies: Detailed examination of the New Testament, focusing on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, the Pauline epistles, and the apocalyptic literature.

Historical and Contemporary Theologies: Analysis of the development of Christian thought from early church fathers to contemporary theologians, with an emphasis on how these perspectives shape modern understanding of the Bible.

Interpretative Strategies and Hermeneutics: Advanced study in biblical interpretation methods, including historical-critical, literary, and sociological approaches.

Seminars and Colloquia: Regular participation in scholarly discussion boards with peers and faculty, fostering an environment of academic inquiry and debate.

Capstone: Original research project that contributes significantly to the field of Biblical Studies. Literature review essay, and practical capstone

Enrollment Periods & Deadlines

The program is online, self-paced, with an expected timetable of 2-4 years to complete. Since it is self-paced students are able to finish earlier or later than the suggested timetable, without penalty.

Students are to complete each course, in the order given, with no substitutions. 

Since this will be delivered via online course modules, we are able to accept new students year round without any enrollment deadlines. 

Admission Requirements

Students must show that they have been awarded a degree equivalent to a Master's degree from an accredited institution or verifiable Christian seminary or a resume showing 12+ years of extensive ministry experience with an accompanying written recommendation from the ministry listed on the resume. 

Admission credentials are not reviewed until the student submits all work for grade and graduation, therefore we strongly urge every student to ensure they meet the admission requirements prior to joining the program. If you need a faculty member to confirm if they are eligible for the program, they are free to email or call the office. 

Credit Policy

This program does not accept transferred credits nor do any credits earned in this program transfer to other institutions

Grading System

This program operates solely on a Pass/Fail grading system. There are quizzes, discussion boards, and capstone projects. Students must pass each class for them to be eligible for graduation. 

Cost of Attendance

There is no tuition for this program. Textbooks are not required. There is no money required up front. There are a few small fees to process your graduation. 

Diploma: $250
Capstone Review: $250
Diploma Priority Shipping: $45
International Shipping: $75


Every student enrolled in the program will be required to pay, at minimum the capstone and the diploma fee. International students must pay the international shipping fee, while the priority shipping fee is optional. 

The printed diploma could take up to 25 business days to receive. These timetables are even longer for international students. 

International Students

We do welcome international ministers to enroll into this program, however there will be a mandatory additional fee for shipping as indicated above in the Cost of Attendance section. 


Student Resources

Students enrolled in this program do not have the same access to student resources and Professors as other enrolled, full-time students of our seminary. This program is strictly correspondence based where the student will self-learn and has no option for one-on-ones with faculty unless the student wishes to purchase private tutoring from one of our Professors. 

Students enrolled in this program will not have access to our digital library for their thesis research, however, all required textbooks for this course is provided free of charge. 

Program Authorization

Queens College of Theology may legally offer this program pursuant to an exemption from the state authorization requirements by the University of North Carolina System. Please see the attached letter granting approval from the State. 

The State Authorization Unit of the University of North Carolina System Office serves as the official state entity to receive complaints concerning post-secondary institutions that are authorized to operate in North Carolina. If students are unable to resolve a complaint through the institution’s grievance procedures, they can review the Student Complaint Policy (PDF) and submit their complaint using the online complaint form at 

For more information contact:
North Carolina Post-Secondary Education Complaints
223 S. West Street, Suite 1800
Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 962-4550

To file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Division of the North Carolina Department of Justice, please visit The State Attorney General’s web page at: North Carolina residents may call (877) 566-7226. Outside of North Carolina, please call (919) 716-6000. En Espanol (919) 716-0058. If you choose to mail a complaint, please use the following address:
Consumer Protection Division
Attorney General’s Office Mail Service Center
9001 Raleigh, NC 27699-9001

Students with a complaint should contact school administration immediately, and proper internal procedures will commence. Students will have the right to review the complaint and respond to allegations before them. 

Enrollment Deadlns
Admission Requirements
Cost of Attenance
Program Authorization
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