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QCT Welcomes Dr. Jones

(CHARLOTTE, NC) - Queens College of Theology is grateful to welcome Dr. Tony Jones as an adjunct instructor. Dr. Jones, a previous alumni of Queens College of Theology, earned his Master of Ministry in Pastoral Leadership, received his Master of Arts in Applied Psychology from Touro University, and received his Doctor of Psychology from American International Theism University. Dr. Jones is expected to expand QCTs' psychology program and help students develop, research, and prepare for dissertations.

In addition to teaching at Queens College of Theology, Dr. Jones is an adjunct professor at the University of the People. Everyone at Queens College of Theology is excited about what our future brings with the knowledge and expertise that Dr. Jones is willing to spread.

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1 commentaire

Dear Dr. Jones,

I hope this letter finds you well.

I am an ordinary student from China, coming to Queens College of Theology must be the gift of God, everything is predestined. I especially like this one: "Salvation lies within."

l am writing this letter to express mydeepest gratitude for your exceptional dedication and guidance as my teacher , Your passion for the subject has truly made asignificant impact on my academic journey.

Throughout the course, your enthusiasm for theology hasbeen truly inspiring.

Your creative teaching methods and engaging activitieshave brought the subject to life and made learning enjoyable.

I went over a lot of the questions you raised in the panel discussion and it got me thinking extensively.


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