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Queens College of Theology Plans To Design A Chaplaincy Program

CHARLOTTE, NC - Queens College of Theology, an online Christian College dedicated to training Pastors and ministry workers, plans to develop a Chaplaincy Program.

"The program will be a concentration for students in our graduate program. It's important that our Pastors minister to the public-at-large, and not just their congregation." Dr. Leftwich, Chancellor of Queens College of Theology continues to say, "The course will cover a wide range of information including the historical development of chaplaincy, the theological foundations, practical skills and techniques, ethics, multi-faith environments, crisis management, grief counseling, and spiritual growth.

To lead the new program, Queens College of Theology welcomes Dr. James Walter, DMin. Dr. Walter has 10 years of experience in law enforcement with much of the time working in jail and dispatch. Dr. Walter gained an understanding of chaplaincy while ministering and helping others with their religious and spiritual

needs during his time in law enforcement and the jail.

Dr. Walter is earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Arkansas Grantham, later earning his Master of Ministry from Queens College of Theology and recently finishing his doctoral program, earning a Doctor of Ministry from Columbia Divinity.

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you are all welcome to strengthen the army of God to help us there is to prepare our soldiers for there is a battle that is not against flesh or blood, but against principalities and rulers in the heavenly realms a battle that was once glory there is God already won by Jesus on the cross of Calvary, never has we seen on earth a God like this, who, while his people rest, he works for them, that it is more and more exciting to live in his presence and to be able to eat of the manar hidden only for the one who loves you.

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