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BS506 Students: Think about how you might teach or preach on the book of Joshua. How would you approach it? What things would you emphasize? What issues would you deal with? Respond to these post and provide a substantial response to another students post.

Stephen Jehucal Ternyik

Indeed, William, Joshua certainly teaches us grace in the account of Rahab the prostitute and how she was spared due to her succor of the men sent to spy. It also shows God's grace in the length of time He'd given these nations to repent. They had grown rich and fat, had built nice houses for themselves, had all the pleasures of nature afforded to them, and still they failed to give God the glory and instead clung to their evil child-sacrificing gods. They were so corrupting the earth, that God wanted everything of theirs to be burnt or given as an offering to Him, so that it could sanctified. When Achan took that which was used by the Canaanites, it brought a heavy curse upon the whole congregation showing how serious God was about not touching those things that belonged to the idolatrous nations.

Same today. It would be a total slap in the face for me to bring in a Buddha statue or a Hindu goddess into my home only because I delight in its gold settings. As The Word says, idols are demons. It's not just a thing when the thing has been given over to Satan to use as a conduit of evil. Thankfully, we have this account in Joshua to warn us of this gross sin, so as to avoid it and help others avoid it too.



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