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Who was Joshua in the Bible ?

Stephen Jehucal Ternyik

BS506: What importance does the physical land of Israel (Palestine) now have for God's plan for His people? Do you think the return of the Jews to that land is the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies? How should Christians respond to the current conflicts in that area of the world? Should we "take sides"? Be respectful in your response.

Answer this question, you do not need to respond to another students opinion.

Stephen Jehucal Ternyik

BS506 Students: How does the book of Joshua help you know Jesus better? Are there any aspects of His ministry or His kingdom that you appreciate more now, after studying the lesson? Explain your answer. Respond to this post, and provide a substantial response to another students.

Stephen Jehucal Ternyik

BS506 Students: Think about how you might teach or preach on the book of Joshua. How would you approach it? What things would you emphasize? What issues would you deal with? Respond to these post and provide a substantial response to another students post.

Stephen Jehucal Ternyik

BS506 Students: How do you feel about the fact that God asked the Israelites to destroy the Canaanites? How would you explain why it was justified? What does it mean for us today? In what way was the destruction of Canaan an extraordinary event? Provide a substantial response to these questions, and a substantial response to another students answers.

Stephen Jehucal Ternyik


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