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Graduates of the Fall Master of Ministry Program 2022

Our pilot Master of Ministry program has concluded for the Fall term and Dr. Leftwich is proud to announce the graduation of the following students who have earned a Master of Ministry in Pastoral Leadership Degree:

Allen Bethea Roderick Brown Brian Burke Anthony Carlgren Shineth Cunanan Gonzales Luckie Diwa Berny Garcia-Pinto James Garrett Stephen McBride Martha Phillips Deborah Quave Gabe Quintana David Snyder Jamie Vasquez

This was an intense, difficult graduate program designed to challenge our Christian leaders and to make them better and more prepared to lead.

This is the only program at our College where students do not have to pay textbook fees, or tuition. Queens College remains committed to reaching more pastors through affordability.

We are proud of each and one of these students, and we wish them nothing but the best.

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